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Spanning on either sides of Bosphorus ,Istanbul is the only one metropolitan city on two different continents in the world.3000 years of history makes her one of the oldest cities of the world as well.Istanbul had been the capital of Roman,Byzantine and Ottoman Empires for 1600 years and ruled by 120 emperors and sultans.

Through her 3000 years of history, Istanbul has been the meeting point of many different nations,cultures,languages and religions.Countless ancient monuments,Roman and Byzantine era edifices,Ottoman palaces,Armenian and Orthodox Curches and Synagogs have been carrying the traces of her vivid past.

Every single corner of Istanbul had vitnessed her long history.Speaking of Art and Culture,she offers a wide range of treasury from archeological artifacts to historical edifices,natural beauties to world famous museums.The district named old Istanbul has been registered to UNESCO World Heritage List since 1985.


Galeriden Kareler

Gobekli Tepe with Klaus Schmidt
Anamur Castle
Perge Ancient City

Turist Rehberleri Birliği

Metro ve Metrobüs Hatları

Metro Hattı


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